10 Audition Tips

I know a lot of people want to break into the acting industry and here are some audition tips that have always worked well for me.

8664358 1. Be Prepared 
Print the sides if you receive them. Bring a headshot and business card even if they tell you they don’t need them because you never know. Warm up your voice. Pick out your audition outfit the night before. Go over your monologue/sides whenever you have time. Know the play/series/movie you’re auditioning for. Look up directions beforehand and always leave early to make sure you have some time to relax before your audition.

2. Look The Part
I’m not saying you should rent a nurse’s outfit if you’re auditioning to play a nurse but it wouldn’t hurt to wear a nice white blouse and pull back your hair. Don’t dress like a receptionist if you’re auditioning for a stoner. Know the part and get creative. The moment you walk in the room the auditors judge you on the way you look so always make sure you look put together and fresh.

3. Sides
If you receive sides make sure you work on them. Yes, I know we all have busy lives but you really should at least read them out loud and/or with another person. Try taping yourself and see if the choices you make work. Try mixing it up!

4. Watch What You Eat
You can’t work out on a full stomach and you shouldn’t audition on a full stomach either. If you do grab a quick bite make sure you check your teeth before you walk into the room. Nothing distracts more than gunk stuck in your teeth

5. Be Social (when appropriate)
This advice might sound weird and most people will disagree but this has always worked for me. It’s normal to get nervous and especially if there’s a room full of girls/boys that look exactly like you. What works best for me is striking up a conversation with the person sitting next to me. I forget that I’m nervous and you realize that the competition is feeling the exact same way as you do. Of course, if the person next  to you is concentrating or getting in character you shouldn’t bother them but I trust that you guys can feel the room.

6. Take Your Time
Both before and when you enter the room. It has happened to me that when I arrived at the audition location I was asked to step into the audition room right away. It’s ok to tell them you want to freshen up or use the restroom quickly. You have to make sure you’re make-up and hair still looks good. When you step into the audition room don’t rush your lines. Those two minutes are yours and make sure you use them to make an impression.

7. Be Nice
Acting is a business and if you’re booked it’s possible that you’ll be working with these people for a long time. People want to work with people that they like and trust. Don’t loose out on a job because you seem arrogant, uninterested or unreliable.

8. Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just make sure they’re smart questions. One thing I always ask if i’m doing a monologue is whether i’m allowed to look at them or if they prefer I don’t. I prefer making eye contact but many auditors want to write notes and discuss which they can’t do if you’re staring them down. Which reminds me – don’t stare them down!

9. Be You
Be you because everyone else is already taken. Don’t worry about impressing the CD because they want you to succeed as much as you do because that means they can stop looking for other actors. Don’t suck up because they do this all day every day and they can spot a fake a mile away. Be real be you!

10. Don’t Look Back
It’s normal to get rejected. If you can’t handle rejection you might want to think about choosing a different path. As soon as the audition is over treat it as a learning experience and start preparing for the next one.

I hope these tips help and please feel free to leave me more tips in the comments below if there’s something I’ve forgotten.


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