Budget Wedding Tips

By Lisa Marie

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While planning my own wedding on a budget I learned a lot and maybe this article will help you plan your own wedding on a budget. One thing is for sure: it may not cost as much, but it takes a lot your time and effort.

Budget wedding planning is all about searching for the best price deal or making things yourself!

Tips for a budget wedding

Very important: plan in advance how much you want to spend on everything separately. That way you have more control over the budget!

– When you discuss prices try to avoid the word wedding. Say you’re throwing a party for … people. The venders and locations have the tendency to pump up the price for everything that is wedding related. You can always tell them later (when you have the offer)

– If you don’t have a large budget, don’t invite a big wedding party. You usually pay per person. Just the closest family and friends.

– Summer and even spring weddings are way more expensive! Try a autumn or winter wedding. You can even make it your theme! And what is more romantic them snow and a fireplace on your big day.




– You can ask your wedding party to make pictures of you two all day and then later on send them to you. Saves you the costs of a wedding photographer!

– Buy your dress in an outlet or sale or something like that. Just look for a good deal and it can save you a lot of money! Be honest: do wedding dresses from last year really go out of style? But every year there is a new collection and the “old” have to make room for the new. So outlets are a good way to shop!

And for man: RENT a tuxedo.

– Ask for envelopes (money) as a wedding gift for your honeymoon or just to pay off your wedding.

– Leave out the unimportant stuff! And that’s different for everybody! The car, the church ceremony, the cake, the decorations, golden rings, bridesmaids dresses, free booze, a big reception, flowers, invitations, centre pieces. You don’t need EVERYTHING! Maybe someone in your family owns a cool car. If you’re not religious, skip the church /synagogue/temple/mosque! Make the cake yourself or ask everyone to make a cake and bring it!



Pinterest is full of DIY ideas for invitations and decorations to make something special of your day without the high costs. The most important thing is the love and vibe that day. Honestly, nobody will remember the expensive napkins or crystal wineglasses!

– Last but not least: Ask for help. You will be surprised that everybody is more than honoured to do something for you to help you achieve your dream wedding. I know it’s not easy to ask sometimes, but trust me on this one.



Lisa Marie Houdtzagers – Soon to be married, weddingplanner, cat-lover and model!

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