Blue Stone Lane

Hey everyone,

I’ve been to “Blue Stone Lane” about 20 times and I can’t believe i still haven’t written a review about this place. This place is a Melbourne inspired café with an all-Australian crew. Besides, having the nicest people working there they also serve a mean brunch.
Their long black (americano) is strong and like any good Aussie Coffee absolutely delish!
Their flat white is not only flawless it photographs better than I do 😉

I have taken everyone and their mother to this café and everyone agrees that this place is a “must-see”, “hotspot” and a “fan-fave.”



My favorite thing to order is their “avo smash with a poached egg.”


Don’t believe me? Go – no run! And see for yourself.

55 Greenwich Ave.
New York NY 10014

(corner of Perry Street)
Monday – Sunday
8:00am – 6:00pm

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