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As you can tell from my previous posts, I spend most of my weekends in Manhattan. It’s not because I don’t enjoy the boroughs, I actually sometimes prefer them. It’s mostly because I prefer to avoid the subway as much as possible when I try to relax. Last weekend I promised my cousin Chanel, who lives in Williamsburg, to come to her neck of the woods for saturday brunch. She suggested we go to a cafe called Juliette and I immediately got excited to try a place she loves.

When we first arrived, I wasn’t immediately impressed by the outside of the restaurant. It looked small and quite frankly underwhelming. When I walked inside I instantly changed my mind. As they explain on the website, the restaurant offers “romantic nooks, lively bistro seating and extravagant greenery.” The reason I’m quoting their website is because I couldn’t have said it better myself. I almost felt like we were inside a greenhouse. Which is especially nice because I miss sitting outside surrounded by greenery in this NYC winter weather.

When my fiancee and I walked into Juliette my cousin and her friend had not yet arrived. Unlike most places in Manhattan, they seated us without making us wait for the entire party to arrive (I hate when restaurants make you stand around since I’m always early and most people usually late). The food was absolutely delicious and beautifully prepared – Don’t take my word for it but check out the pictures. After we were done eating they didn’t rush us out and even kept refilling our coffee although the restaurant was packed. All in all, a very relaxing and wonderful brunch.

After we left Julliete we were all in the mood for a treat, so my cousin took us to a bakery nearby called Woops! We all ordered a few macaroons, I tried the Coffee, Cookies and Creme and Dark Chocolate Macarons. I have to say that, unsurprisingly, the Coffee flavor was by far my favorite. They don’t come cheap and cost a whopping $2,50 per macaroon, but worth it if you sit down and enjoy the beautiful cafe and scenery.

This wonderful Williamsburg experience makes me excited about trying more places in that area. Any recommendations from local brooklynites? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message.



Juliette – 135 North 5th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY  11249, 718.388.9222

WOops! – 548 Driggs Avenue Brooklyn, NY, USA, 718-384-4410

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