Cafe Jax



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As a writer, blogger and actor I spend a lot of time seated behind my laptop drinking coffee. In every neighborhood you’ve got that one great cafe where everyone goes to just sit, sip and work. Cafe Jax is exactly that for the Upper East Side/ Yorkville area. The cafe is hidden in a residential street and I found it by accident (or destiny). When you walk into Jax it seems rather small but as soon as you discover the staircase in the back you realize they have a roomy downstairs area with cozy mismatched furniture and a garden.

If you need a place to work but prefer a cafe over your own living room Cafe Jax is perfect. There are always plenty of people typing away quietly but even the friends chitchatting usually do this respectfully and it’s never distracting. There are plenty of outlets so you’re never without electricity and the yummy snacks and incredible coffee alone are reason enough to come back. You do have to order your own food and coffee at the register but this also means that there’s no annoying waitress interrupting your work. They serve delicious Stumptown coffee, Dough donuts, goodies from La Tropezienne Bakery and a selection of ice cream from Blue Marble Ice Cream. 






318 East 84th Ave (btw 1st and 2nd)

New York, NY, 10028



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