Starbucks Christmas Cup

I guess I’m not the only one who has been waiting for the return of the Starbucks Christmas cups. I jus came across this website today when looking for images of the new cups. On this website they post the new designs and vote for their favorite Starbucks Christmas drinks.
The Starbucks Christmas cups just make drinking coffee that much more cheerful! I had my first one this morning and when I walked in and discovered they were there I was over the moon. I’m a black coffee kinda girl and you can imagine my joy when I saw my beloved Christmas blend on the menu! I slowly sipped it all morning during class and everyone made a remark about my happy red to-go cup. I’m a big coffee lover and a former Barista ( I worked at a local Dutch coffee chain) but nowhere else have I found these cheerful Christmas cups.
The old design
The new 2012 design
What drink are you excited to try?

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