Toby’s Estate

Hi everyone,

So, I made the big move. As of now I am a real New Yorker (sorta..). There’s so much to tell and so many cute markets i’ve discovered but we can talk about that later. I’ve been staying all over the place waiting to move into my appartment and I am currently in Williamsburg. I remembered really liking a coffee place around here and I am pleased to say that I found it!!
As a true coffee enthousiast this place is my ultimate dream.  Toby’s Estate makes their own coffee (amazing coffee I should say) and they do it right in the store.
As i am writing this i am sitting in Toby’s (talk about obsessed) and I can smell the fresh coffee beans!!
They really provide you with the coffee experience as they even have a special Cupping Room/ Espresso Lab.
The atmosphere is relaxed and of course they offer WiFi, though they do have 1 laptop free table. I kid you not!
Don’t believe me ? Come to Toby’s Estate and prove me wrong. I dare you.




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