Hey everyone,
A few weeks ago I finally got around to trying Two Hands in Soho.
When we arrived it was completely packed ( a good sign) so they made us wait outside.  I do have to say that it was snowing and had I not read rave reviews before going there I would not have waited around. I understand that people hovering over tables can be annoying but making people stand in the cold is also not very customer friendly. Thankfully, we didn’t have to stand around for too long before they seated us.
The atmosphere in person was different than I had expected from viewing their Instagram feed. The customers are all young, stylish and good looking, so no surprises there. But the seating was not as comfy as expected since it pretty much consisted of little stools around low tables. This might explain why everyone in the place is young because there’s no way someone with back problems could sit comfortably for a long time.
This does not mean I didn’t enjoy my experience at Two hands, the opposite even. As soon as you get used to the low tables and stools you are able to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the colored water cups, cute mugs, exposed brick walls and delicious smoothies. Their menu is comparable to that of Blue Stone Lane and their avocado toast is delicious. They offer many healthy options and though I did not personally try the acai bowl, I can tell you it looks stunning. I can definitely understand why foodies and health-conscious people flock to this place.
Overall, I did enjoy my experience here though I would not bring older relatives to this place. Two Hands is a great spot for the young, fashionable and Instagram savvy crowd.
Go give it a try!
164 Mott St, New York, New York
hours of operation
open everyday at 8am.
kitchen closes at 5pm.
open for coffee, tea and snacks 5-6pm.
cafe closes everyday at 6pm

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