Ane Amour NYFW 2017 Autumn / Winter

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There’s a snowstorm raging through New York City and that can only mean one thing. New York Fashion Week has kicked off. I feel so grateful, humbled and happy that I’ve been invited to a few shows this NYFW, and I figured I might as well share some of them with all of you.

The first show I attended (only a few hours ago) was the Ane Amour ‘Daughters of Artemis’ Runway. When I left my apartment, I had every intention of taking the subway, but once outside I quickly changed my mind. The snow was coming down hard and I immediately decided to get in a car. Once I arrived at Pier 59 Studios, I checked in for the show and got some coffee in the café. I’m always early but today I didn’t have to be. The show started almost half an hour late, but once it did start, all was forgiven and forgotten.

Designer Iyala Anne was inspired by Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and protector of women. The collection “evokes the unrestrained elements found in the wilderness with the bold confidence and independence of the empowered modern huntress.”

Some of the fabrics she incorporated were: wool, satin, cotton prints, silk and faux-leather. As explained in the leaflet located on my seat, the “[s]ilhouettes combine flowing and structured tailoring that echoes the mutual balance of the divine feminine.”

The color palette was noticeably inspired by nature. All the colors and silhouettes were wearable and could be taken straight of the runway on to the streets. I noticed lots of purples, blacks and browns. Every single item shown, I would wear out to events or just a dinner date. Besides the outfits, the hair of the models was breathtaking, talk about #braidgoals. Also, the models were gorgeous. I loved seeing such a diverse group of girls on the runway, and they all walked beautifully.

The designer, Iyala Anne, came out at the end of the show, but she was gone again within seconds. I was happy to see her though, and she deserved the applause she was given. I know we’ll be hearing a lot more from her.






  1. Sara
    02/09/2017 / 3:34 pm

    I’m so so jealous and excited for you sounds like it was an absolute blast

  2. Emily
    02/09/2017 / 4:06 pm

    It looks so great!

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