Clothes to the Heart – Haute Couture Edition

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I’m so happy to share the new series “Clothes to the Heart” with all of you. This idea started with a phone conversation to my mom. I was telling her that I was wearing a specific item that made me happy just because of the emotional connection to the person that gave it to me. I realized that there are quite a few pieces in my closet that mean more to me than just being “cute.” Some pieces mean a lot to me because of who gave it to me, who wore it before me, or what happened when I wore it for the first time. My mom was intrigued by this concept and suggested I write about it. Thanks, mom! That’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

Today’s outfit is Haute Couture, previously owned by my grandmother, Norma. She was a true fashionista and even in her eighties always looked magnificent #goals. After she passed away, I was given a few items and this dress/coat combo is one of them. This outfit is truly Haute Couture -Made in an atelier in Paris in the late fifties and fit to her body. She wore this outfit to fundraisers and nights out with my grandfather. By no means are me and a young Grandma the same size (she was a twig) but I made it work.

At this point I’ve only worn this outfit twice, but both times just putting it on immediately affected my mood. I felt sophisticated, inspired and closer to a woman I loved and still love immensely. Some people believe that putting on make-up, when you’re having a bad day, helps. I believe putting on a special outfit can help brighten any day.

I won’t be able to link this outfit since it’s one-of-a-kind. However, I hope it will inspire you to browse through your parent’s, or grandparent’s closets. If you don’t have that option, a good thrift or vintage store could also do the trick.




  1. Sara
    02/08/2017 / 10:11 am

    You look fabulous!! And I love the concept. Can’t want to see what the next post will be on! Wearing pearls makes me feel close to my grandma since she would never leave the house without her pearls.

    • Sandra
      02/08/2017 / 10:13 am

      That’s incredible. I’m happy you know exactly what I’m talking about. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Amanda
    02/08/2017 / 10:14 am

    Great post! Pictures look amazing!

    • Sandra
      02/08/2017 / 10:38 am


  3. Eva
    02/08/2017 / 10:15 am

    You look absolutely great in you grandma’s outfit.
    I also have some special things, that make me feel closer to the person, who gave it.

    • Sandra
      02/08/2017 / 10:38 am

      Thank you!!! <3 You're gonna have to show me them 😀

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