Mimi Prober Autumn Winter 2017 Review

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This Valentine’s day I was invited to attend the Mimi Prober show. My ticket said “priority standing.” This was a first for me, and I wasn’t really sure what to make of it. When I arrived at Skylight Clarkson’s gallery II, the lay-out of the room turned out be completely different from the shows I had previously attended. Instead of a straight runway, the models had to walk in a square. Priority standing apparently meant that we were allowed to walk in first and find a spot behind the benches (the front and only row). I wasn’t bothered because I had an incredible view of the collection and was able to take many pictures. Again, the atmosphere was happy and pleasant, and I was able to meet some interesting artists whilst waiting for the show to start (30 minutes late like always).

As I have come to expect from other shows, I was handed a piece of paper that explained Mimi Prober’s collection. It read that, “[t]hrough a zero-waste philosophy, each piece is created by hand with one of a kind placement that highlights the individual history and story.” The zero-waste philosophy entails not only ‘recycling’ but it also minimizes waste and lessens consumption. It’s a design principle that devises materials that are purposefully created from recyclable materials, so that they can and will be recycled after use.

As you may have come to expect from me, I love art with a strong mission statement. The zero-waste philosophy ‘will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health¹.” That is something we can all get behind I would think.   

However, I don’t want to spend this entire review talking about recycling, because these pieces looked anything but old. Mimi Prober’s incredible technique and unique beading, embroideries and lace designs came to live on February 14. The models all looked serious and tragic – dark make-up included. Don’t ask me why, but it felt like I was watching a tragic, but stunning, fairytale on stage. The delicate designs mixed with the beige, gray and black items created an aura of tragic beauty. Though not all items would be suited for everyday use, some of the moto jackets kept calling my name. I can only dream of being invited to an event that would call for me to wear one of Mimi Prober’s stunning dresses.

What I took away from the Mimi Prober Autumn Winter 2017 collection is that sustainable luxury is a crowd pleaser.




  1. Mushky
    02/27/2017 / 1:28 pm

    Your one lucky ….. Totally agree with you on that jacket absolutely gorgeous !!! Would you love to go tho one of these shows ones !

  2. Emily
    02/27/2017 / 2:07 pm

    Wauw, the photo’s look amazing !
    Great post.

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