Vogue is Giving us the Cold Shoulder

by: Nikita Singh

Showing off your shoulders is in this summer. And I know this not just because I have a subscription to Vogue and several other (and lesser, if I may) magazines dedicating abundant space to fashion, but also because when I went out in the city to shop for my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I discovered this fact for myself.

Summer 2017 is all about the shoulders, and I can see why. At least for me, I find that to be quite a flattering look. I ended up with a bunch of tops that expose part of my shoulders in some way — off shoulder tops, one-shoulder tops, cold-shoulder tops.

Eventually, my photos of the trip were quite successful on Instagram, and we realized there was common theme, and that it should be explored. So we decided to show you some photos.  (Another thing that you’ll probably notice is the abundance of blue, but that’s an unrelated current obsession of mine.)

  1. Orange cut out shoulder shirt, Calvin Klein

I landed in Honolulu and went straight to the beach. Actually, that’s not true. I hit the ramen place first for some Bukkake Udon and then the beach. I had a layover there for only a few hours, but both ramen and the beach are totally worth the 45 minute drive and ridiculous Uber fare.



  1. Off shoulder ¾ sleeve top, Navy, Calvin Klein

This top remains is one of my favorite things in my closet and I have a feeling I’m going to cherish for a long time.



  1. Paisley Flounce-Hem One-Shoulder Top, Banana Republic

Getting my (fake) yoga on, on top of a brass rhinoceros at the resort in Kona.


  1. B&W gingham off shoulder top, Banana Republic

They’re not wrong about the sun being the best filter. Even the flower shed some of its petals and it now looks like I was wearing a mushroom on my hair (according to an Instagram comment), I think the top redeems this selfie!



  1. Printed long-sleeve cold-shoulder blouse, Michael Kors

I fell in love with top the minute I saw it—so pretty and flowy. In fact, I loved it so much that I got three different versions of it. One for myself and one each for my teenaged cousins (13 & 17) and it was so much fun embarrassing them by making them wear matching tops and being a cheesy older cousin.



  1. Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top, White, Calvin Klein

My laundry lady ruined this top after the first wash (it’s now a dirty shade of beige) but I still refuse to part with it.




After the Hawaii trip, I went to Sandra’s wedding in Amsterdam. My dresses for her bridal shower and her wedding were both off shoulder. Here’s a quick look:


Yellow Off-Shoulder Silk Dress, Banana Republic

I’ve found that Banana Republic is a great place to shop at when you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something but still don’t wanna look all Forever 21 or H&M. This dress from Banana Republic’s Heritage Collection was such a beautiful find. It’s my personal favorite and got me a lot of compliments too.


Lasercut Ponte Midi Dress, Black, Banana Republic

I’m glad I bought this dress in store, because I definitely wouldn’t have got it based on online reviews. But in the store, I found it in petite (which I prefer for dresses, even though technically petite is for 5’4” and under and I’m 5’5” I find that petite dresses fall better at the hem).


Which top is your favorite?


  1. Kanishk Singh
    07/12/2017 / 2:59 am

    Really it was a great pleasure reading about this whole different shoulders tops. While reading I was completely drowned in it.
    So beautifully narrated, the pics for others to notice the same were also really amazing. Loved the whole masterpiece.
    Nikita Singh great piece of your work.

  2. Divya Singh
    07/16/2017 / 11:27 pm

    Woww…Nikita has been my favourite writer so far, and now this blog has been written beautifully.
    I just love your every single off-shoulder top though..😉😘

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