Gluten Free Food in Bali

Everyone looks forward to their holiday. If you have an allergy, however, it’s sometimes also a bit daunting. You want to be able to enjoy your stay as well as the local cuisine, without spending half your days sick in bed – however nice your hotel room might be.

This was the case for me in Bali, and through internet searches and loads of asking around, I found a fair amount of local hotspots and eateries that are worth trying. All of these restaurants are gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian friendly. I have narrowed this list down to 8 restaurants that are not just allergy friendly but also delicious. I hope this list can help someone out and ease his or her mind when travelling to Bali with an allergy.


We walked into this restaurant after googling ‘allergy-friendly’ places to eat. Once we sat down I realized they didn’t have a special menu, but the waiter was incredibly accommodating. The chef created a dish, especially for me, and it both looked and tasted delicious. They claim they offer a “gastronomic twist on pan asian cuisine.” I’m not a 100% sure what that means, but it all looked as good as it tasted. My husband, who was going through a serious chicken satay phase, agreed the food was tasty and apparently the chicken phenomenal.

Jalan Kayu Aya 72 | Bali, Seminyak 80361, Indonesia
Breeze at the Semaya Seminyak

This restaurant was located inside our hotel (Best hotel I’ve ever stayed at).You can eat here even if you’re not a guest. This restaurant has a ton of special menus; you can get a gluten free menu, a vegan menu, a vegetarian menu etc.

Nonetheless, the food isn’t even the best thing about this place. The best part of eating here has to be the view. Right behind you there’s a pool that can best be described as an oasis, and in front of you there’s the beach. Listening to the waves and smelling the salty water really does make your food taste better.

Jl. Laksmana| Seminyak Beach Bali, Indonesia
Earth Café

I went in here off of a recommendation (Thanks Jessica) and am I glad I did. This joint is part health store and part restaurant. We ate here a total of three times, which indicates how obsessed I am with this place. The first time we only came in for dessert – I might have gone a bit overboard. They have all the desserts on display and you can put them on a plate yourself. I grabbed about seven that first time (I did share all of them) and made myself quite nauseous, but all worth it.

As a girl with allergies it’s not the easiest to find a place that does good desserts, especially a place that has more than one option.

The other times we went in there we had dinner and ordered an embarrassing amount of food. We ordered most everything gluten free off the menu and tried it all. I can honestly say there’s not a single dish I wouldn’t recommend.

Jalan Lesmana No. 99| Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361


This place is very similar to Earth café and Zula also has allergen info indicated on the menu. I probably would have stopped by here more often had it been a bit closer to where we were staying. The food was incredible and a great place for a low-key healthy meal.

Jl. Dyhana Pura No. 5| Seminyak – Bali

We had walked around Kuta for almost 3 hours looking for a place to eat when we stumbled into Poppies. It was so beautiful that I’m still not quite sure it wasn’t a mirage. The one thing you absolutely need to try here is the (virgin) pina colada, besides the taste it looks fantastic. I have a slight confession to make though. We were so hungry by the time we got there, we literally inhaled our food in 5 minutes. I guess that’s good though. It means we enjoyed it so much we couldn’t stop eating.

 Poppies Lane 1 / 19| Jalan Legian, Kuta 80361, Bali
Sea Circus

This café might be the least Indonesian of the bunch but I loved it nonetheless. We didn’t discover this place until the end of our trip but we still managed to grab a bite here twice. Both my husband and I enjoyed the poke bowl both times we went. I might have also gotten a cocoa smoothie twice, but calories don’t count on holiday, right?

Jalan Kayu Aya No. 22| Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Ginger Moon


This restaurant is not a health-type place at all, but the menu does include allergen info. This seemingly small thing makes the biggest difference for someone like me. I absolutely hate having to explain my allergies to a waiter, especially in a city in which I don’t speak the language. If a restaurant includes allergen info it means I don’t have to ask the waiter to walk back and forth to the kitchen, making all our lives easier. Ginger Moon made ordering easy and the food was delicious. A real recommendation if you want to try the local cuisine without the hassle.

Jalan Oberoi / Laksmana 7| Seminyak, Bali

Edible flowers for the win!

This gem is another non-Indonesian restaurant, but delicious nonetheless. My husband and I both only ordered one thing from the menu, (me an acai bowl, he avocado toast.) However, we both loved it so much we kept talking about going back, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to do so. I will definitely visit Sisterfields again on my next trip to Bali, and make sure we get to try more dishes.

Jalan Kayu Cendana No.7| Seminyak,

The food in Indonesia is incredible and I’m sure wherever you end up you’ll love it. I hope this list can help at least one person out and I would love to hear more allergy-friendly recommendations. You can click on all the titles and it will take you straight to the restaurant’s website.



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