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My relationship status confuses a lot of people and I honestly haven’t helped clear things up. I have introduced my partner of 6 years as – a partner, boyfriend, fiancée and husband. How come I can’t decide which label to give him?

As you may have read on a previous post, Yannick asked me to marry him during the summer of 2015. We both knew we were in no hurry to get married since I was still in grad school and he had just started his career. Also, we wanted to get married in Amsterdam and planning a wedding all the way from NYC can be quite challenging.

Our plans derailed because we found out that my grandmother had cancer and that the condition was ‘incurable’. We knew we wouldn’t be able to plan an entire Jewish wedding in the few months the doctors had given her, so we decided to have a small civil ceremony at city hall, so that we could celebrate our love with her. We told most people we were getting married quickly (without a party) because of paperwork, but honestly this had nothing to do with it. We just didn’t want to share our fears with everyone and we decided to keep the real reason, even to Grandma, a secret.

Months turned out to be weeks and she didn’t make it to the wedding. My grandfather told us to go through with the ceremony since that’s what she would have wanted. Yannick’s wonderful grandfather, who lived in Copenhagen, even flew in for the celebration. We decided not to exchange rings but save that for the big Jewish wedding we’re planning to have in 2017. 

On November 26, 2015 I officially became somebody’s wife. Even though it was one of the best days of my lives, it was also one of the saddest. My Grandma lived a floor below me when Yannick and I met and she was his biggest fan. She always told me to treat him well, because she could tell he was one of the good ones. She and I had endless conversations about the wedding and she and my grandfather even came with me to try on wedding dresses. I had always imagined her smiling face in the crowd as I said “I do,” and on November 26th I didn’t get that.

What we did get was a room full of friends and family there to support, love and congratulate us. My witnesses were my sister and grandfather and Yannick’s witnesses were his brother and grandfather. We have amazing pictures of both grandfathers smiling proudly as they sign the wedding documents.

We will always have these pictures to look back on and cherish because we won’t be able to duplicate that moment in 2017. Although, we thought we were moving up the wedding for my grandmother, it turned out that she’s not the only one to miss our 2017 celebration. Unfortunately, Yannick’s grandfather (Erik) passed away in October. He was already 90 years old, but I had hoped that he would stay with us a couple more years. Erik will always have a special place in my heart, as I tell Yannick, he was the first person who truly made me feel like part of the family, and I can honestly say he was part of mine.

Why am I sharing this story now and why did I decide to partner with Jord on this post? I think because being able to give Yannick an engraved timepiece reminded me that even though we can’t know how much time we have left. What we can do, is make the most of each and every day, surrounded by the people we love.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what Yannick’s label is. As long as he knows how much I love him and I know that he loves me too. That’s something a label won’t change.

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