MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

It’s been 50 years since the iconic Marilyn Monroe tragically passed away.


This makes it even more special that MAC created the limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection. I checked out the collection a few days ago and I think they did a great job capturing the icon. The packaging is black with a beautiful picture of Marilyn, reason enough to get the whole collection. I have been a Marilyn Monroe fan for as long as I can remember, she is an absolutely stunning woman. Marilyn is most known for her red lipstick and MAC created 4 beautiful tints to fit every skin color.
 foto 1
The whole collection, as displayed in Amsterdam.
Marilyn Monroe : Style Icon, Sex Symbol, Inspiration
Classy, clean and glamorous packaging
 foto 3
The 4 red lipsticks.
 foto 4
I tested the 4 lipsticks and they are all so different and colorful.
They are very smooth and glide onto your skin.
 foto 1-1
In the store you can see what colors to use to recreate this look.
 foto 4-1
The MAC story is my candy-shop!
It’s definitely worth checking out!

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