Zingara Swimwear

Want a bikini body? Just put a bikini on your body. Voilà. Real life isn’t photoshopped but a cute bikini can help you feel like you are. Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret Angel it’s not always easy to feel both comfortable…

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Erin Mckenna’s Babycakes

REFINED SUGAR-FREE ♥ GLUTEN-FREE ♥ WHEAT-FREE ♥ SOY-FREE ♥ DAIRY-FREE ♥ EGG-FREE ♥ VEGAN ♥ KOSHER I still remember my first time at Babycakes vividly. I dragged a friend through the rain all the way across town because I had…

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I’m Engaged!

Saturday, July 18th, 2015 will forever go down in history as the happiest day of my life. It’s the day my best friend asked me to marry him.   Yannick and Margaret had been scheming for weeks and I was…

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Over the Hills and Back

Over the Hills and Back: What New Schoolers thought of Hillary Clinton’s Economic Vision by Petra Zarah Jarrar On July 10th, New Schoolers received quite a surprising announcement on the university’s Facebook page. Linked to an article published by Bloomberg…

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